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White Lightning Computers has been successfully serving Delaware County and the surrounding areas since 2002.


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From sensitive files and information to pictures of special moments and memories, your computer holds a lot of important bits and pieces of your life. Rest assured your hard drive is well protected with our complete anti-virus protection solution.



All-in-one Internet security allows you to confidently explore online. The new Social Media Scanner extends protection to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Personal Firewall and Anti-Phishing keep your data safe from identity theft and network attacks, while Parental Control and included Cybersecurity Training help make your family's online experience even safer.

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If your computer is running slow there is a high propability that it has been infected with a virus or worse. It is like having a tooth ache. It needs to be repaired and if you prolong getting it fixed, we all know were that leads.


Slow computers can come from corrupted software that reside on your machine. A virus related infection can corrupt the software on your computer and make it perform at a snails pace. Virus related infections can do much worse. If a trojan horse infiltrates your computer the hacker can take control of your machine, even watch you logging into your bank account using keyloggers and other methods. A virus can make your system constantly run in a 24-7 duty cycle and most hard drives are not meant to run in that enviroment. This can cause your hard drive to fail and result in you loosing all your priceless data, ie: pictures, music, videos, tax documents, word documents, favorites etc.


Your Computer Should Never Run Slow

Can't Access The Internet?

If you have come to our website, you are probably using a second family, friend or work computer to find White Lightning Computers. Rest Assurred, We can Help!


If you cannot access the internet or receive the message "Internet Explorer could not display the page", it may be caused by malware that has taken over your web browser and internet network connection.

Have you seen this kind of

virus on your computer?

Have you seen this kind of

virus on your computer?

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